The Book

The Easter Rising -
A Guide to Dublin in 1916

By Lorcan Collins & Conor Kostick

A vivid and entertaining guide to the events and locations of the Easter 1916 Rising.

Defying all the odds 1600 men, women and children went out on 24 April, Easter Monday, 1916 to fight for an independent Ireland. The battle raged for six days and resulted in the destruction of many parts of Dublin city.

The bloody executions of the leaders by the British after the Rising awakened a generation to the cause of Irish freedom.

Vividly illustrated, this book takes you through the battle-torn streets of Dublin. Hear the sounds, smell the gunpowder and meet the main players, as the complexities of this dramatic episode in Irish history are explained in an accessible and concise fashion.

Praise for The Easter Rising

'A short popular-style history of the event -- indeed a remarkably thorough one, in which we discovered events we had forgotten or not known, and found photographs that were new to us too -- but the arrangement by location rather than time means that the devout pilgrim or visitor is encouraged and helped to view the places of significance.'
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